Who knows!

Who knows?! This place is crazy. Our leaders keep asking, “Is it what you expected?” I don’t think I could’ve expected this even if I tried. Yesterday (I think...) we arrived in New Delhi and my jaw was dropped the whole ride to the guest house. It has been like that ever since, especially in Kolkata. It is very dirty, there are tons of people, so many noises (mostly just people honking in their trucks, bikes, cars, taxis, and motor-rickshaws) and I have never smelt so many different smells. Time and date has been completely obliterated and I don’t know when I should be tired or when I should be hungry. All the travel wasn’t that bad though, and our flights weren’t extremely long. I’m not feeling homesick yet but the only thing I miss is not being able to tell anyone at home what is going on.

The funnest part about today was when we finally got to Nishtha. We got to go outside in this courtyard area (that’s the best way I can describe an open area of dirt and weeds) and play with the kids. We played “futbal” with them which is what we are assuming they call soccer. They are so dang cute! We spent time with two kids in particular, but we could not figure out what their names were. We learned how to ask them but they said something different every time and when I asked their mom she held up five fingers...so hopefully we get better at communicating because I am so excited to get into schools with these kids! They are so beautiful and so happy. Everything is going great, and to my family - I love you all!

-Mary Diamond