While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping I have….
1. I have Turned 18! So did Libby!
2. I have spent 7 amazing days with the group + my soul mate.
3. I have drove through Chamba, and I know I will never get sick of it.
4. I have painted bedrooms for the kids.
5. I have ate the most amazing foods here. You wouldn’t even believe it.
6. I have sang and danced for the school students here.
7. Fixed Justin’s shorts.
8. I have learned Hindi phrases, that I still cant say worth my life.
9. Sang and danced on the roof of the building we are staying.
10. I have been on the most insane cars rides of my life. With no seatbelts.
11. I have met the most amazing children.
12. I have taken a bucket shower or two… not bad at all.
13. I have gotten so dirty, and I don’t even care.
14. Did I mention I am 18 now?
15. I have shared a room with two of the most amazing roommates. Ever.
16. I have now blogged. On Justin’s stomach.
17. Played with the amazing Kalsuie, Malla, and Temple kids. Love them.
18. I have gone on a morning hike; it was hard-ish but totally worth it. Best way to start the day.
19. Partied in our room. Cause it’s the official party room.
20. Swatted away 10 thousand+ man-eating-flies.
21. I have seen so many dogs; you would never be able to count them all.
22. I have said my prayers and been marked for it.
23. I have been fitted for the most amazing outfits ever.
24. I have fallen in love with what I am doing here. I am very content.
25. Oh, and I turned 18. Happy April Fools day.
India has been Amazing. I know I will come back, I don’t know how I couldn’t after seeing it. I have fallen in love with it.

Eliza Pullman—