Where have my chickens gone.

James has been working very hard these past few weeks building a chicken coup, he has done everything from extensive research, and much planning to build the perfect coup. During a visit to putlikohl which is a local village about 7 kilometers from here. We were on the lookout for chickens, luckily we found a place full of chickens for sale. We were able to buy four hens for the Little Home for Peace Chicken Coup, four beautiful hens. I don’t know if any other hens have ever ridden in a motorcycle before, but ours did. Three grown man with 4 chickens on a motorcycle, now that’s something you don’t see everyday, we carried our chicken’s back with pride. James showed a great amount of love for the chickens, he took them under his wings. They were meant for providing eggs for the girls, and giving them a responsibility, They were good chickens, but all of a sudden, this morning james came rushing into the room with devastating news “our chickens are dead” a pack of hungry dogs allegedly broke into the coup, and took our chickens. There was no evidence left, just a bunch of feathers that don’t give any leads. There must have been a struggle, it was a sad day for our chickens.

Nefi A.