When in Singapore - Jessie

When in Singapore By Jessie Sullivan

Today we woke up in Asia! Something I think nearly every teen was able to say for their very first time. The time change couldn’t delay our excitement to go see Singapore. We met in the lobby and spit into our color groups, blue and green (James and Kelly) were together and so us 13 teens with our leaders set out. We decided to walk around instead of taking a bus, as you can imagine we were stopping and taking picture of seriously everything. Statues, bridges, trashcans… you name it we have a picture of it I’m sure! We stopped and had breakfast (some teens were brave and had the traditional toast and ice cream while others got McDonalds… again!) Then we continued to tour around, we decided to go to Marina Bay which was a garden. Imagine the movie Avatar and think of the tree houses, then picture all of us up there and you will understand what it was like. It was so beautiful and so futuristic! GREEN EVERYWHERE! Then after a couple stops here and there we decided to try and make it to Sentosa Island. We figured out the subway system and that is where we encountered the highlight of the day, sending Mat on the subway system alone. We laughed so hard and so long. Even the group of Asians next to us were cracking up, either at us rolling around laughing, or the faces Mat made as he slowly rolled away by himself in a foreign country. Our fearless team leaders didn’t think it was all that funny but we found Mat at the next stop where we ran and jumped on him, tackling him to the ground. He was a good sport, we continued on the subway where we finally made it to our stop. We decided we needed to eat so we found a food court with tons and tons of food and a McDonalds. Again, some were brave and lived by our daily motto “When in Singapore” while a couple had McDonalds, some for their third time in a row! The food court was split into Muslim and non-muslim which was pretty interesting. It kept us from eating with the whole group since we all ordered from different places. (Resoning because Muslims don’t eat pork) It was cool to see the cultural differences in just a food court alone.

We continued to Sentosa Island. We finally arrived at the coast where the water was a beautifu tropical blue! We could see the boats out in the distance and we could taste the salty mist on our lips. We made it all the way to the beach and were ecstatic. The sand was so smooth and the palm trees and light blue water was screaming our names! We rolled our pants up and were splashing around. Suddenly, Glow Styx (Mat) came running from behind and flew into the water. Mat was the epitome of When in Singapore, he was a real trooper today and provided countless laughs! Not long after, I was in and then one by one we all flooded the blue waters. It was so unbelievably salty and incredibly warm! We were all laughing and couldn’t believe we were in the ocean, in Singapore. What an experience. We didn’t have much time to spare so we hurried out to the water and made our way back to the hotel to meet up with the other group in time. I would venture to say it was one of the best days ever, but I have a strong feeling that we will be saying that a whole lot on this trip!