What’s goin’ on? - Adam Williams

What’s goin’ on? So basically, we’re here, in India, and life is pretty great. When I say I love all of the people that I am with right now, it’s an understatement. The past however many days, hours, weeks, have been a large bomb of excitement and I’m literally about ready to explode. I’ve lost all track of time and to be honest, it kind of feels good. I haven’t been so disconnected in my whole life. Right now I am on the roof of this women’s organization and I have been stared at by almost every Indian I’ve seen about twelve times. In fact as we speak, to the left of me, there are a bunch of women staring at me from another building. It’s weird to think about how different we are from them and how far away from Salt Lake I feel right now, but I am stoked to get to meet them. I don’t want to write too much because I haven’t done a lot yet, and I know Jessie let you know all about Singapore. So, family members, I’m fine, and ready to go.

-Adam Williams