What to do when you are on the edge of a cliff:

India is beyond everything I had ever dared to imagine. The crazy driving, the food (Yes, family, I did just say that I actually like foreign food), going 4 days without fresh clothing, hiking up to a beautiful waterfall, my YMAD family, and especially the Indian kids! Oh, my beautiful India kids are so amazing. This morning they greeted us by running and touching our feet. That is the highest honor they can give us and they had only known us for 1 day.  Speaking of the kids, their school is literally on the edge of a cliff.  That is where we have spent our last few days. There have been multiple incidents where a kid has dived off the cliff after throwing a frisbee down there, but do they even notice? Not for a second. They just keep going and live.

I have felt more love from these kids than ever before and I have known them for two days. There is a girl, Pooja, who wouldn’t leave my side during lunch. I feel like I don’t deserve such amazing love from them.

So, to answer my question, what should you do when you are standing on the edge of a cliff? Live life to its fullest, have fun, and love with all of your heart.


-Megan Stromness