What I’ve Seen

I’ve seen some amazing things here in India. Teen boys have to take a different bus by themselves from their plane to the terminal. I have seen the look on their faces when they met me, waiting for them on the other side. Relief. I have seen American girls whom I’ve worked with for a year, without a hair out of place and perfect makeup pick up the dirtiest little kid and hug them and kiss them. Giving. I have seen red faces when the curry is “good” but maybe a little too hot! I’ve seen a caravan of auto rickshaws have to stop so an Jeff can go move a baby who was sitting in the road. (Yep, human baby.) I watch my fingers turn yellow from eating traditional style with my hands. I’ve witnessed staggering exhaustion in the face of being sleep deprived as we concentrate on our task and our goal of spreading light and hope. Still the teens are able to find more gas in the tank to give more back to the students they are touching. Your teens are making a difference. My interpreter Abjieet shared something with me that was really touching. We were talking of India. I told him how I loved India. He shook my hand with a big smile and said he loved India too but, he loves America more. I said, “really?” He went on to tell me that he loved America because they have better human beings than India. I wasn’t sure where he was going with this so I asked him to explain. He said, “America has better people and I know because the example is right before me.” He said this as he pointed to the YMAD team working all around him. This is a great team of people I have the opportunity to work with. Each here for their own reason, each playing an important roll, each touching lives. Greg