What does it take to be a YMAD Leader? - by Robert Baird

It has been almost nine years since YMAD began, and look how far we have come.  With five expeditions a year to India, and  soon to be six. It wouldn't happen with out great leaders! We just came down from the Himalayas at the completion of another amazing expedition to Sundernagar, and I dare say the Leaders are the key to the success of our programs.  So what does it take to be an adult leader?  A willingness to commit a year of your time and talent to our program,  raise funds for the travel, learn to love a group of teens and back them up so they can be successful, sacrifice work, and personal family time, share personal resources, and give up personal vacation time, make the trek half way around the world to India, and all for no pay.  Is it worth it?  Most would say yes and have come back several times just to have the feeling that comes from making a difference in the world.  I have to say thanks and express my personal gratitude and love to all of those leaders who make the YMAD experience like none other in the world.  We love and honor you for your selfless service!  You are amazing! See the last bunch of leaders at work!

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