What about that Aura?

I was listing to one of my wise friends in Chamba talk to the YMAD team. He mentioned our aura, or the light we give off to those we come in contact with. He commented on how much his family and staff liked working with YMAD because of the aura and energy we bring to Chamba. Real energy is generated by serving others and that energy is transformed into our aura. Have you ever been in the presence of some one and just felt better by that association?

For almost two weeks I have been with some youth and leaders that have given their hearts to the children of Chamba! They are like little batteries powering a LCD lamp. Every day when they return, their lamp gets brighter. It is so real you can feel it! That aura has lifted every one, not only in our group but also around us. Complete strangers come up to us all the time and want to greet us and find out who we are and what we are doing.
This weekend I will be returning to the US with seventeen youth along with a bunch of adults fully charged! That doesn't mean they won't be exhausted, however they will have something you will want to grab a hold of!

Robert Baird