Wednesday Morning

So it is Tuesday night and I am snuggled up during a huge blizzard while my friends in India are just packing up their things for another day of work...they at least have good weather. I was able to talk to a bunch of kids and I will do my best to let you know how they are all doing. First of all-EVERYONE is doing great and excited to go back to the schools. If I do not list your child below it is because they were not near the phone when I called.

Jennifer Thatcher: She is working in the Daya school, and when they arrived for the first day of work the teacher had helped her class prepare a little phrase that they all said in unison. She could not understand what they were saying, but she understood the last word...UTAH. She was so overwhelmed by her current location and how hard she had worked to get to this tiny school that she burst into tears....the good kind.

Cragun Liston: I did not talk to him but His leaders were amazed at how well he worked with the young children, he had no problem getting down on his hands an knees to be with them.

Becky Perry : "BEST day of my Life! Indian kids sang 'Happy Birthday' to me-for my birthday. Went hiking in the Himalayas-for my Birthday. Had a Hindi birthday circle-for my Rocked."

Kayla Orr: Went into town with Greg Davis to get Becky Perry a Birthday present. Came home with over 50 Indians following her. This village is so remote they had never seen a white girl, let alone a blond one. People kept touching her hair and wanting to be right next to her. Everyone was well behaved but they had to call the guards to come lock the gates to keep them away from her. She is an Indian celebrity.

Brian Thomas: took a ton of great footage and feels so blessed to be in India. He said he kept looking around and thinking.."this is amazing, I am in the Himalayas, surrounded by monkeys, amazing people, and I am working with incredible teens." He said he was so glad to be a part of it all.

Spencer Cook: "I am fine mom. I am having a great time. A dog came in our room."

Will Pittam: "HUMBLING! I think Americans are Jerks!"

Katie Thacker: "I can't poop! But I am NOT EVER coming home!"

Scott Bringhurst: "Best day of my life-I can't even describe it in words"

Warren Porter: Realized quickly that the young kids would repeat anything he would say to them. His favorite thing to get them to say was "AWSOME!" and "OH MY HECK". I can just imagine giant Warren yelling at the kids and having them yell back to him.

Jake Bardsley: "Best day of my Life" he said the kids at his school all greeted him with a big "good morning" in English and the girls in the ashram all danced for them. He also wanted to let his mom know he is not sick...yet.

Chad Thorell: Was walking down the hill and passed a little boy. Chad waved at him, and the boy turned around, held Chad's hand and led him down the hill.

I know none of these stories are long or very detailed; but these small glimpses into their world paint an amazing picture! I will do my best to keep them coming.