We Made It To INDIA!!!!- Paige & Team

Although we are pretty exhausted, we couldn't be more excited to have made it safely to India! Here are a few of the best and worst things about the past few days! Best things: Car ride - overload of honking, beautiful scenery, mothers holding their babies while riding motorcycles with multiple people, and everyone waving at us as we passed!

Seeing the Indian people for the first time!

Indian people taking pictures of us!

Monkeys - very cute, but kind of terrifying at the same time!

Indian food - our first real Indian meal was delicious!!!

Worst things:

Not being able to sleep- we had a hard time sleeping on the planes and in the car, but we were still full of enthusiasm!

Toilets- we sure had a blast learning how to squat ;)

Rat in KFC- we had KFC for lunch today! The employees and other customers wanted pictures with us! However, Calvin did see a rat in the restaurant.....GAG!

Swollen legs and feet/sore behinds - Our bodies started to scream at us for making them sit in the same position for soooooo many hours!! But we survived like champs!

Missing our families - We love you all so much and hope you know that we do miss you! Thank you for all of your love and support throughout this process!

( Calvin, Ciana, Sierra, Claire, James, and Lauren are extraordinary teenagers! The past few days have been extremely rough both physically and emotionally! These guys had positive attitudes and smiles throughout the entire traveling process. I am so impressed with them and I absolutely love them with all of my heart!-Paige)

We can't WAIT to meet our sweet little kids tomorrow!!!!

Love, Paige, Calvin, Ciana, Sierra, Claire, James, and Lauren