Anna Boren- WE MADE IT!

WE MADE IT!  I never thought this day would come!  Today was our first full day in India.  We drove up the steep and winding mountain roads for 45 minutes.  The roads are terrifying!  We turned multiple corners only to encounter busses driving at us at full speed.  But our driver knew what he was doing and transported us safely to our school.  Once we arrived, our village team walked down a steep hill to our school.  When we walked to the school, the children were sitting politely on little mats in the dirt.  When I saw their little faces I was completely overwhelmed.  I could not believe how beautiful they were.  The kids are absolutely adorable.  Instantly the kids were in awe with our YMAD team.  They were clinging to us constantly.  I have never felt so much love so instantly.   I never understood how people could become so attached to children so quickly, but now I know.   These kids have a glow about them that is difficult to describe.  They were thrilled to learn from us.  Teaching was difficult because the children are so young and they hardly speak any English.  There are over fifty kids at our school, which makes it a little chaotic, but we always have something to do!  Today I was the team leader, so I assisted other people with their lessons.  While I was helping Todd with his lesson, two little girls sat on my lap while they were being taught.  The one girl grabbed my hand and placed it on her leg.  The other girl rubbed my hand and kissed it.  She then looked up at me and kissed me on the cheek.  I have never felt so much love.  I was completely overwhelmed with a feeling of warmth, and at that moment I knew why I was here in India.  I am here to help these kids know that they can accomplish great things if they put their mind to it, and that they truly are loved.  The kids are so smart.  They catch on to games and activities very quickly and they are always thrilled to learn something new.  But holy cow the boys we worked with have a lot of energy! While we were planning duck duck goose, a boy was chasing me and he tackled me to the ground! On our drive back to the apartments, I felt fulfilled and calm.  This experience is something that I have needed in my life. I have not felt so at peace in a very long time.  I am so grateful to be working with such beautiful children in such a fantastic place.  And yes mom, Emma,  and dad, I am alive and I am eating the food! I love and miss you!