We definitely aren't in Kansas anymore!

Deson Haynie

Well, we definitely aren’t in Kansas anymore. We have seen so many strange things that you just can’t prepare for and never could expect. We’ve driven past banana trees one minute, then seen groves of pine trees the very next. We’ve had donkeys, cows, and dogs cross our path, while seeing packs of monkeys playing near the edge of a nearby cliff. I’ve always heard that India is the land of contrasts, but I never realized how amazingly correct that statement is. Virtually every aspect of India has another aspect that is totally different. For example, getting into India we flew on a fancy plane with TV screens built-in to every seat. Later, we rode on a rusty night train with teeny cots and a bathroom consisting of a hole in the floor. India is so amazing!

As for today, we got to meet the kids in our orphanages for the very first time. It was a little awkward at first, which is to be expected, but the awkwardness quickly gave way to friendship and fun. I was amazed at how quickly the children befriended us, and how much they opened up. The language barrier was definitely present, but it completely melted away once the games began. I had three kids, Parveen, Akshay, and Arjun who were constantly clinging to me and fighting to be on my team for games. It was so cool. Apart from the fun and games, the kids also learned a ton from the English workshops. They were so bright and inquisitive, and they just soaked in the material. I can’t wait to go back tomorrow. Everyone is doing fine, and we have learned way more in the past three days than we could have ever hoped to learn in a month of formal school. The roads are crazy, but the drivers are amazing and I feel totally safe. We are having the experience of our lives, and really making a difference in the lives of the orphans here. The culture is diverse, and the people seem so happy. India truly is a sight to behold.