we are full of life

hey guys, i'm back.

already. what a surprise right? NOT. i'm a freaking blogger. its my nature.

I can't handle this anymore, these girls are so amazing and I don't know what to do. They are so smart and they love being around us. We have 10 girls, and there are 10 of us. At first I was really freaked out by that small number. But 10 is becoming one of my favorite numbers. Pooja is my home girl, she is always on my left side holding my hand or pulling me around to play games with her. And you know those puppy dog eyes that are just so beautful, big and full of sincerity? yeah those are Pooja's eyes I cannot say no to her. Today we had some lessons but then we were done and still had time to play with the girls, so I got out my little photobook and pictures so they could see my home life. and lets just say that they love you all back at home so much. Cookie (I don't know if you're reading this or not) but they love you. Like freak you suck so much because you aren't even here and the girls here are in love with you!

My favorite thing about today was that in all of the time we had left over, we had a huge tickle fight and they would just die because they would try and sneak up behind you and tickle you but we could see or hear them and we would turn around so fast to tickle them. Then they would freak out and say "no no no" because they knew that we would win.

Operation Jeevan is the perfect name for this group because, there is so much life with this group.. my team is amazing. they are always laughing, smiling, joking, yelling, having fun. We do fall asleep a lot like michael is asleep right now and david was asleep last night but ya know. we are still so full of life!


leaving already makes me sad.

the girls know its coming.

and i know it is too.

but its not here yet.

so i'm still happy.

i love you all @ home.


xoxo jordie