Warren's Really Really Good Blog

8 incidents where people made fun of me:

1. Every single day I hit my head on every house and hut.

2. I started dancing and one thing led to another... I ended up pole dancing in the food tent. Not realizing my strength the pole started to tip and the tent almost fell down. I landed right on my face.

3. I went to the market and bought what I thought was a nice scarf for my sister. It turned out to be cheap cotton and only worth 10 rupees. I paid 100 rupees! I am a sucker.

4. I tried to scare the Indian men to get them go away from our house. I did this by running naked in my boxer briefs. But it didn’t work because they stayed… and ended up wanting more!

5. Today I was leaning back in a plastic lawn chair and it broke! Once again I landed on my face.

6. On the day that I poled danced I sang "Happy Birthday" to Becky in Thai; which turned out to be "Happy Birthday" in English with a very creative accent.

7. After spinning, twirling, and playing with little kids my arms were all red. I told everyone it was an "INDIAN burn."

8. I was holding Raveena a little Indian girl. I guess I made her nervous because she had an accident on my shoulder and I ended up smelling like urine all day. But it's okay; she gave me a hug and told me something in Hindi that I didn’t understand, I decided it meant: ”I am sorry.”

From Eden: Two more "Warren" stories told to me by Greg Davis...Only Warren.

1. Warren decided that Will Pittam was sleeping too well. Apparently Will can sleep anywhere and wont wake up. Warren got a sharpie marker and wrote "I am a moron" on Will's forehead. He told everyone how funny it was. Much to everyone surprise when Will woke up they realized Warren had spelled it wrong and now Will has "I am a MORMON" written on his head!

2. All the kids were getting Henna tattoos on their arms (don't worry henna is not permanent) and shoulders. Our translator Nisha, who has worked with us for along time was doing the artwork. All the boys wanted "tough stuff" like arm bands and cool words written in Hindi on their arms. Warren decided he wanted "Warren Porter" written in Hindi across his arm. He was very proud of it. They were out in town and Raj our Indian director asked Greg Davis why Warren had "Harry Potter" written across his arm. I guess "Warren Porter" got lost in translation and Nisha had heard the famous wizard. Wow Warren...you are tough now!