Waiting for the YMAD team!

I have spent the past week traveling in Himachal Pradesh, the birth place for the YMAD experience! I am amazed by all of the miracles that have occurred and lives that have crossed my path over the past five years making it possible for us to keep coming back to the Western Himalayas to work with children that are so poor and yet so rich. Every time I leave this place I am overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude for lessons I have learned from them. The journey is a difficult one requiring planes, trains and automobiles, lost sleep, and the stress of not knowing what is around the corner, yet with the simple words of a child declaring "you come again" my heart melts. They so want the love we bring, and we so need the love they give! It is love that truly brings us together.

This morning I left our new little ashram in Ghurdour near Kullu/Manali, that houses seven choice little girls with a whole new realm of possibility for their future. My son and his friend Nefi have spent the past three months establishing this ashram. Today they stand a bit taller in my eyes for what they have accomplished. Reshma Desai, a remarkable woman from Salt Lake arrived earlier this week to take there place and start a new chapter in her life and the lives of the girls. I am sure tonight she is a bit overwhelmed with the responsibility she has taken on and I want her to know she is in the minds and hearts of all those who have gone before her, praying for her success. It is young people like these that are willing to put there lives and resources on the line to give a helping hand that will change the world. As I gave departing hugs to my friends I had an overwhelming impression that some one a lot greater than me has his hand in this work!
On the eve of another group of YMAD teens arriving in India I am excited for the stories and memories we will make! I looked at my face book last night and read the comments from my friends following this expedition that have made the journey in past years, wishing they were on the plane again. Truly this experience has changes lives and perceptions of the world. We are traveling to West Bengal a new location in India for YMAD. There are no windy mountain roads to endure, its not cold, but there are children in need! Only time will tell if the formula of youth serving youth will produce the same results as in years past. I look forward with anticipation to read that story some day!