Update from Blake

We went to the Taj yesterday, had a great time! The hotel was great, it’s nice getting a clean shower and the meals were great! Agra was allot of fun for everyone.

We’re now on the bus traveling to Jaipur, the road side restrooms are wonderful (not), it reminds me of camping expeditions but the smells are much more pungent. Everyone is both excited to get back home but sad to see the end of the trip looming, we visit the Emerald Fort tomorrow and then head straight to Delhi and back home.

The group has been great, everyone works together, no serious problems, no one lost (yet). They’ve worked hard, played hard, and had as unique experience as you can imagine. I know each of the youth and leaders have grown allot from the experience. Seeing the opportunities we have compared to others is humbling and the opportunity we all have of positively impacting others is exciting.

Parents, you all would be very proud of your sons and daughters, I’m sure you will meet different people at the airport then you saw 2 weeks ago. They have all laughed (allot) together, worked together, cried together, grown to love the children they worked with together, become great friends and a great team. They have grown to love India and the people here, understanding much better the world we live in and a society that is so different from what they see in the America. I’m confident they will have a significantly greater appreciation for the opportunities we take for granted each day.

Thanks for sharing your sons and daughters, it’s been so much fun for Kelly and I to get to know them all this past 9 months, and particularly the past 2 weeks, they are such great youth, they have so much to give and their futures are so bright, they are amazing!!!