Unbelievable- Sam Stone

DSCN4852 Unbelievable

Last night at dinner I talked with Shawnie and Clutch (aka: Nick) about the concept of only using one word to describe India. Since then I have been trying to find one.

These are words that some of our team said.

Adrenaline (Justin)

Hot (Alli)

Unpredictable (Taylor)

Moist (Rachel)

Crazy (Emma)

Overwhelming (Nick)

Smelly (James)

Exotic (Scott)

I think it was after playing an epic soccer game that I realized that if I had to describe India in one word it would be: Unbelievable.

Chamba, this place, it is so unbelievable in many ways. I can’t even begin to describe how beautiful it is here. Everything is so green and the Himalayas are unreal. At night you can’t tell where the stars start and where the mountain lights end. On the other hand it is unbelievable how broken and poor this place is. Of all the places I’ve ever traveled to nothing comes close. Nothing compares.

Today was nothing short of AMAZING! You can tell, our group has already fallen in love with these kids at the private school and at Kalsuin. It is safe to say that Akshita and Nivedita, two adorable girls from IRA, have definitely stolen my heart. It is amazing to watch our workshops that we started planning half a year ago and have been working on since become a reality.

Now let’s get to the crazy stuff that will scare parents. Today our YMAD team put on our matching team T-Shirts and we played a game of soccer. Not just any soccer, we played against an Indian Co-ed team in the middle of the festival going on in the center of Chamba. Over 1000 Indians stood on the sides and watched us play. We really felt famous as the crowd surrounded us before and after the game. The good news is we all made it home safely!

Today was unbelievable.