Uma Pator—A Village Adventure!

Holy cows, crazy rides in ta-tas, children who run to greet you with open arms, delicious food, and funny stories about first kisses—how can you not love India?! Our team (the blue team) teaches in the little village of Uma Pator in a school of about 100 children, which means each teen has a group of about 20.  Carly is all the rage with her ukulele.  All the older girls in our village want to have their hair braided like Emily.  Abby (Rigby) got the opportunity to try to convince the boys in her group today to NOT draw the boys anatomically correct.   The people in the village love Ryan’s voice.  Charlie is a hit with all the boys and his glow-in-the-dark powder.  And all the girls want to have their picture taken with McKell.

These kids rock at teaching!  It’s been great to see how they improvise on the fly as they are teaching kids who range from illiterate to almost fluent in English and from 5 to 14 in age.  They are teaching the same lesson 10 times a day and custom fitting it to each group.  Thank you for sending your awesome kids!

All our love,