Tyona Christensen

First off…HEY MOM I’M ALIVE! So you can stop stressing out. We did some calculations and found out that we traveled a total of 53 hours. Our one and a half hour flight to San Francisco turned into a three hour one. We took off and after being in the air for fifteen minutes we had to turn around, because a lady had a seizure and blacked out. CC went and helped her out and she didn’t know what day it was, what time it was, why she was on the plane, where she was going, or who the president was. It was a crazy situation. So, we finally made it to San Fran and had a super long layover. The flight to Korea was 11 hours and it was great because I slept through out the whole thing and same with the 7 hour flight to India…..and the 16 hour bus ride to Jibhi. So the travel was so dang great for me!