Tyler Evenson

Tylers photo So far, India has been amazing. I honestly don’t know how to describe how I’ve felt this past week, and it’s not even halfway over. The kids we’ve taught have impacted my life so much, and I feel that I’ve been able to help myself, whether it’s actually teaching or sharing some love that they otherwise might not feel. In particular, I’ve grown close to a few girls and boys that I love so much. Kajal (who made me the sweetest present)and Saroj, Monika and Deepali. Shubram was a boy at the school Ira; he was so great. He was outgoing and extremely goofy. He reminds me a lot of my little brother, which is why I grew so close to him over the last few days. He was constantly by my side, and making up handshakes and giving presents to me. I didn’t have much to give back, but I kept doing a magic trick with a quarter and so today I taught him the trick and then signed the quarter and gave it to him. He signed my backpack and as we did our handshake from a distance, he started to cry as he walked with his little sister. There was a group of about 8-9 boys that all followed me around and did the handshake I taught them (fist bump then pump the chest twice).

Today as we walked around the market after teaching, many people came up to us to show us that we were in the newspaper from yesterday’s soccer game which was so much fun. Everyone would come to us and tell us how well we played, even though we lost. A few minutes ago, as Nick, Matt, Taylor, and I came back from buying newspapers for everyone, we met up with the team we played against. They won again and want us to cheer them on in the semi finals tomorrow. Seeing as tomorrow is the first day off since we’ve been here, I just might do that.

We’ve taught the temple girls, the school kids from Ira, we’ve painted the orphanage at Kalsui, and after tomorrow we teach the mountain girls for 5 days straight. These girls know zero English, and I believe they know little Hindi as well, so it will be tough but I can’t wait to help out. We’ve made a huge difference so far, and it is just going to keep going.

This morning we woke up early and went on a hike up to a temple. On the way back down, Spence and I decided to get on top of an archway in order to get a sweet picture. It was sweet, but definitely sketchy. The structure turned out to be pretty fragile, and hopping down was iffy, but hey. We made it.

Life is great, and I wouldn’t rather be anywhere else. I mean…. teaching amazing kids and helping them improve their lives, can it get any better?