Two Pieces of Good News!

One of the questions always our minds is can YMAD continue to produce the same results over and over again! After a year of planning and especially when you go to a new area we are always wondering, will the teens this time find the magic in the experience like in the past! I knew from the vary beginning we had an exceptional group of youth and it has been confirmed again as we have followed the progress of the expedition and the difficult time it has been to get to Shalai! When I heard over the phone from our team leaders today about the first day and the experiences at the schools and ashram, I knew all of our hard work was going to pay off! The magic of India is starting to take shape!

The second piece of news I received today is, YMAD is now fully registered as an Indian NGO. To some that may not mean much but to those of us who know how difficult it is to get his designation in India, its amazing! I can't say thanks enough to our partner Rakesh Maskara and his family for helping us make this a reality. It has been a difficult road. We now can do more to help the kids in India and run a fully transparent program, something that has proved difficult in the past! This single event has the potential to completely change YMAD's future!