Two Hearts Becoming One

Let me begin by saying that anything I write on here will not give justice the feelings I have felt and things I have experienced; words cannot even describe it. To be completely honest, the beginning of the trip was pretty bad for me. I got terribly sick on the 12 hour flight to South Korea. To add to that, after another 12 hours on a plane, I found out that i was the only person out of the whole group where I didn't get any of my luggage. I had to live for who knows how long out of a tiny backpack. Needless to say I was upset, hungry, and tired. The biggest lesson that I learned from all this is that your team will always have your back, and in return you need to always have your teams back. Once i realized that everyone was helping take care of me, all was well and it has been absolutely spectacular since. The first day in the school can't be described. I was one of the fortunate kids to have the hike up to my school. It was hard, but the second I heard the children's voices saying their prayers as a group, I instantly got chills and all the bad disappeared and everything was beyond worth it, just for that small moment. Each child introduced themselves to us by kissing our feet. I was extremely humbled by this because I felt like we should be the ones kissing their feet. Once again, words cannot describe the feeling. I had my first lesson, and right away, my heart connected with one of the girls there named Lalita. She latched onto me right away, and i knew she was special. As i became more and more connected with the children there, I was shocked to see how much love I can have for so many people. It is wild to me to that in two days, so many hearts can become one; even though there is a language barrier, and we have only been with each other for a couple of hours.

The most amazing feeling is when you walk up to your school, and every single one of the kids drop whatever they are doing to sprint up to you and all hug you and kiss you and yell your name. Along with  myself having so much love for them, it is amazing to feel the love that they have for all of us. I can truly say that I have never felt so loved. It is an indescribable feeling of love and peace. My heart truly aches for the day I am going to have to say goodbye to my little angels. But until then, we are all going to make every second count, and love 100% in the moment to make a difference. Not only are we changing their lives, but they are changing ours.

Brooklynne (Brooke) Noel