Trying to keep my swag up in India

YMAD Blog Jordan N 1 YMAD Blog Jordan N 2 YMAD Blog Jordan N 3 YMAD Blog Jordan N 4 YMAD Blog Jordan N 5Alright so as the title says, its a struggle keeping your swag in check halfway across the world... No I’m just kidding. But if swag is staying clean then yes it is a struggle. The flight here wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I was assuming it was going to be this great ordeal with periods of insanity followed by short naps that were interrupted by pushy flight attendants, but as it turned out, the food was the only thing that was something I wouldn’t want to do again. It tastes like what I imagine Dragon throw up would tasted like, super hot and something you should know not to eat in the first place, it was quite relaxing and basically pain free... until I got off the plain...When i got off the plane I could barely walk, not like it was so painful I couldn’t walk, it was like i LITERALLY COULDN’T WALK. So I took off my socks to find that I my feet were the size of oranges around my ankle. My legs were so big that they were treating my sweats as skinny jeans, and at this point i noticed how sausagey my fingers were looking. But arriving in India was cool, the smell and the haze was the first thing that hit me, it wasn’t a bad smell, the city just like has a different smell. Come to find out that that is just the way ALL of India smells.

On our flight from New Delhi to whatever the name of the city we landed in wasn’t my best moment, but i survived so it’s ok. It all started out when i get on flight to find that I didn’t have my ipod, so I asked the flight attendant if I could get off and go see if I could find it. So basically the entire plane had to wait for me to attempt to find it. Which I did not. Sad day. Then after the plane landed I forgot my sleeping bag. So I have literally been without music and a sleeping bag for 2 days now...but Im alive and not sick so its ok.

jk mom I found them both lol

Also momma Nash will appreciate this one. Me and Chandler and lucked out and get to sleep in a building with a mattress and a shower so Im a clean boy <3

But on a serious note, the school I am teaching is really cool. It has all of these amazing murals on the walls and it’s just really simple and small but perfect for the kids going there. It was tough on the first day trying to communicate with them, but they are so smart and pick it up so quickly that it doesn’t take long for them to catch on and put themselves out there. It’s kind of ironic, although they are in very rural areas and are basically creating everything they live off of, I think they are the lucky ones. They aren’t near all the bad things going on in the city, and even if they live on the mountainside for the rest of their life, they won’t have to become beggers to survive, it was really sad walking through the city and seeing all these young kids looking through trash and begging for money. when just by growing up in a different area puts them into a totally different future. So I am so happy to be here even if they don’t learn a lot because they are so young and there is such a language barrier at least they know, for at least a few days, that every one of us who is here is here for them and because of them and that we are doing all of this for them.

before I get off quick shout out to my family, love you mom and dad and I’m doing fine.

Daylor, Ryan, Alyssa, Karra, Maeci and the rest of anyone i care about love you guys.

Jordan Nash