True Happiness lies within the simple things (Natalie Baugh)

Helllllooooo!!! Man I cant believe it has already been a week! Before I get to everthing india, I want to let my family and friends know that I love them and that I am having the TIME of my life and have never been so happy in my life. The first simple thing that has made me overjoyed is the main day boarding school girls. My heart melted when we first met the girls! We walked into the school and the cute girls were standing there so respectfully, then we would walk around and shake their hands, saying “hi, my name is natalie, whats yours?’ and “how are you?” with always the same reply, “im pine.” You atomatically fall in love with the girls and they adore you and make you feel so loved!!! Every time we are about to leave the Main Day Boarding School, the girls cling onto you and walk with you, then they say “kal decke habe” and kiss you on the cheeks, that means “see you tomorrow.”

Sorry, I have a scattered mind, but the driving in India is in shaky words I wrote in my journal: “The car ride is like Indiana Jones, with stuff in front of you, that you are about to hit it, then you hear a billion horns, and you are surprisingly safe.”The car rides are like what the teens last year said, “Disney land rides times 100.”  I love every minute of being in the cars though, driving through the little Baruipur roads filled with people and little shops everywhere, all intermixed with a lush jungle of palm trees (kenz you would love it! Plus kenz, it is soooo colorful! I saw a pink wall which reminded me of you!) Dad: We are strongly encouraged to drink a coke a day, to kill parasites, so I have been and it is awful, but I guess better than being sick, Ha ha!

So on Tuesday, in the morning we took off and went to our village, which my group, the purple team, aka the BEST team, met at the day boarding school, because our village, Dondala (sp) is very poor.  We walked into the school, and the little kids were patiently waiting, then we went around and met them! They think we are celebrities and they adore you! I feel soo loved by them! After we taught, which by the way is really hard, we drove down the street to part of the Village.  We were welcomed by sweet ladies and their children, they led us to their homes and we sat on their mats on their ‘porch’ and they put flowers and a bindi on our foreheads.  It is so amazing when they do that, which at almost every house we go to in our village they do that!  I cannot wait to show you all my pictures!!

So 10 quick things I have noticed about India,

  1. Stray dogs are everywhere! It makes me sad that I cant pet them!
  2. The food, one word: Interesting, but sometimes really good!
  3. The driving, like I mentioned is crazy, I feel like I am going to die sometimes!
  4. Dirty,  which Abby Hall mentioned. Garbage is everywhere and you feel soo dirty, but you don’t really care because you are having so much fun!
  5. The people are super friendly and not really shy to hug you, hold your hand or talk to you! I love it!
  6. There is the occasional man peeing in the street, mentioned by Sarah K.
  7. There are HUGE spiders! Like as big as my palm! Becca ran out of the boarding school bathroom screaming, I looked and in and just about died.
  8. There are not that many cars in Baruipur, just people walking and biking.
  9. It is super humid, and my hair has shrunk a few inches.
  10. 10.  Even though these people have nothing, they are so happy!!

Like I mentioned above, these people have hardly anything, but they do not care one bit and live their lives in bliss!  Their happiness is richer than anything that could ever be bought! When we visit the villages, they will give us all that they have.  There were a ton of precious babies, and we would motion to hold them and their mothers would like push their babies toward us, even if their babies were starting to cry! I did hold one baby for the whole village tour and when we had to leave, she would not go to any of the ladies! I felt so loved! The baby did go to her sister though, and they both held me hands as we walked to our car (tata).  I could write 10 pages of everything that has happened, but I must go now! So until next time, I love you and miss you, but am having the BEST experience of my life!! Plus I don’t have to go to school, which along with things such as palm tress in the moonlight, it is the simplicity of things that makes me so happy!