and there!!!

It has been a week since the Shakti Expedition has left.  While the teens have been working their magic in India and sharing such wonderful experiences, the home fires here continue to burn.  As I read the blog, I feel I have been transformed into their world.  I have loved every minute.  I am experiencing  an amazing journey with team expedition  Shakti in India as well as team Cobabe here in the US.  Katherine and Emma are absolutely wonderful.  Let me share with you how our American experience is going.  The girls have been trying to learn some of the most common  Southern manners.  India children learning English...Cobabe girls learning Southern manners.  Seems logical, right? As we were playing dominos, Emma (the younger one who can melt you in one second) became quite irritated with Katherine (the older one...they are 11 months apart).  The girls know that I will play games forever  as long as they are nice.  As Katherine was teasing and pretending to take one of Emma's dominoes...the angry words came flying out...Emma just couldn't help herself.  "I am going to bite your fingers right off your hand"...pause, she looked at me and followed the angry words with a kindly..."yes Ma'am".  Maybe you had to be there, but my sister and I almost "peed our britches".  We are missing our team Shakti and we love everything ya'll are doing.   Great job on your first week there.  We will continue to keep the home fires burning here.  I love all ya'll...(yes that is how you say the pleural of ya'll).  With Southern regards, Miss Lynda Faye