Totally worth it.

Paige Beckstrom There are these 4 boys who were the quietest, shyest, most precious little boys I have ever met. There names are harish, narish, rish, and bodraj. (Bodraj obviously didn't get the memo..) The first day I taught them they were absolutely silent. You couldn't get them to talk at all... Until a few days later they became the loudest, most outgoing, smartest little boys ever. Seeing them grow from the lessons we teach has changed my life forever. I can't even express how grateful I am for this program and how it given these little kids hope that they couldn't get any other way. The kids have taught me more than I have taught them and I love all of them so much. It's crazy to think that we only have 2 days left to impact these kids lives, but I know these next days will be days that these kids and I will remember forever!

One thing that I have learned is that you should never chase little kids into bushes. (No matter how cute they are..) It'll turn out with you getting a big sliver in your hand that's really deep and hard to get out. Needles to say I had a little incident the morning that didn't turn out so pretty. Dr Flint had to cut deep into my hand this morning to get my lovely sliver out, I thought it would be quick and easy, but it took  little longer than I thought. Throughnall the needles and cutting my body decided to pass out. Cool huh.. :):) everyone was so nice to help me wake up.. I'm glad they didn't leave me on the ground to die. Flint is a boss and i am so grateful him! Passing out... Not so fun. But chasing kids around in bushes having the time of my life... Totally worth it.

Thanks to all my family and friends for helping me get here, so I could have such amazing experiences! I wouldn't want to be any where else right now! Love you all!!