Top Ten Weirdest Things I’ve Eaten So Far

By Deson Heynie

10. Chapatti – This is the bread of the land, an Indian tortilla. It tastes like it’s mostly just flour and water, with maybe a little salt, so mom, I guess we actually did make it right when we tried it at home. It’s all right by itself, but with the other foods it’s pretty good.
9. French Fries – Yep, French fries, every breakfast and dinner. I guess our hosts think every American loves French Fries so they try to keep our plates full of them. We even get ketchup!
8. Pranta – A fried chapatti stuffed with eggs or potato. Pretty tasty!
7. Dosai – A huge egg tortilla thing with a little potato in the middle and a lot of different sauces to dip it in. This things about a foot and a half long! It looked like a huge homemade fortune cookie. It’s crazy but good.
6. Dal – Chickpeas in an interesting sauce. Nuff said.
5. Jellabee – “The sweet of Chamba.” It’s basically a really sweet and oily funnel cake made fresh off the streets. They’re pretty delicious, but different from anything we have in the U.S.
4. Samosa – A deep-fried pastry with a potato mixture inside. So good.
3. Fresh Pomegranate Juice – It was yellow! I was expecting a nice, dark red drink, but when the waiter brought it out it was yellow and frothy. I guess they use the not-so-ripe ones for juice or something. The weird thing was that it actually tasted like pomegranate, even though it was completely yellow. Very interesting.
2. Dolma – This actually isn’t even an Indian food. I had it in the San Francisco airport. It’s a Mediterranean food made of grape leaves stuffed with seasoned rice. It was kind of like sushi, but sushi is way better.
1. Chikka(?) Ice Cream – I’m not sure how it’s spelled, but chikka is some kind of local fruit they have. We had fresh fruit ice cream and I decided to try chikka out. If I had to give it a flavor I would say it tasted hairy. It was really weird. Definitely not my cup of Joe.