Top Five Things You Didn't Know About India

by Maggie La Stayo

1. The drivng here is insane. They even cut off poilice men.
2. The bathrooms are holes in the ground…we call them squaters
3. The women in small villages can be married to multiple men.
4. Everything here is colorful-even the places with extream poverty are painted every color imaginable
5. Even though the people here have never seen people like us before, they are the most loving people I have ever encountered.

It may be cheesy to say, but this trip has literally been the best trip of my life. I never knew the impact that only two days with the children would have on me. I wish I could wake up every day and spend the rest of my life with them. They re the most joyous, beautiful, welcoming children you will ever meet. I will forever remember the look in their eyes and the light they have shown me. They are an inspiration to all of us, and prove that no matter what you have in life you can be happy as long as you try! Nameste!