Top 10 Reasons I’m not coming home - Alexis

10 Reasons I’m not coming home

  1. I do not want to cry again tomorrow
  2. I have learned more about love in 1 week than I have in the 16 years prior
  3. The relationships I have made here are more important to me than anything else I have
  4. My heart will literally rip in two if I leave (so I will literally die)
  5. The best gift I can give to these kids is English and there is so much left for them to learn
  6. I am sooooooo behind on homework
  7. I have eaten way too much really good Indian food and probably gained 15 pounds
  8. Even though this is the most exhausting thing I’ve ever done, I am so out of shape and I’m not ready for basketball
  9. I can’t stand the thought of being thousands of miles away from my girls
  10. I’m basically turning Indian

- Alexis