Three Things

Trevor Swanson

Hey everyone. India is crazy and so much has happened since I left Salt Lake Airport. Since so much has happened I decided to just write three things I have learned each day since I left.
Day 1
- Long plane rides are not so fun.
- Airplane food should not be considered food.
- Only seeing a country from its airport is very lame
Day 2
- Long plane rides are not so fun.
- Know when your plane leaves. That way you don’t have look stupid as you run through the Singapore airport trying to find gate E11.
- Changing time zones is very, very tiring.
Day 3
- There are no trashcans in Delhi… or India! NOT ANYWHERE!
- Delhi traffic is more intense than any roller coaster I have ever been on.
- I think that there were like eighty million people at the Delhi train station this night.
Day 4
- Train rides are very fun.
- I kind of like being stared at by all the locals.
- Things in India are so much older than anything in the U.S.
Day 5
- Bottled water is good. Water that is not bottled is bad.
- Indian Girls are so funny and beautiful.
- The markets are crazy and I am not very good at bartering prices.
Day 6
- Charades is the best tool for breaking the language barrier.
- Little children are so cute and they have so much energy.
- The Himalayas are extremely beautiful!
India is so amazing and so are the people. I am having the greatest experience. I am going to end my blog here because typing on a computer is kind of a waste of time in India. I love you all!!! See you soon. : )