Thoughts from a naan-poet- Adam Nebeker

I have visited/lived in lots of places in this world but never Asia. So with this new adventure, grant me permission to try my hand at some 6th grade level Haikus to sum up my experience:  

Driving in Chamba

Conveniently ignorant, dependent trust

One lane road fits two (or 3)

Alive, if limit drive


Hotel Chamba

Marble inner chill awaits

Sounds echo off sterile façade

Invigorating cold shower exemplifies


Chamba chauffer

Audacious behind right wheel

Chicken game on sightless corners

Just unpucker and acquiesce



Cows monkeys disheveled road

Look to right, not left

Pedestrian at own risk


Local Children

Chocolate iris swarthy skin

Eager to trust and be loved

Attraction the American girls


YMAD youth

Troopers, pukers, jet-lagged, sports

Relentless, tireless, half full perspective

Triumphant actualizers of their dreams


Scott with midwife training

Pregnant man, willing model

Squatting, supine, on all-fours

Jovial response, teasing translators


This is all so inspiring! Thanks for allowing me to participate with your kids.

“Doc” Adam