This is Porter Typing

IMG_1904IMG_2659This is Porter typing; I have had the most amazing time and moments of my life. All the people here are awesome, there super friendly. There has been a lot of stuff going on here, there is teaching at our village schools in the morning, doing our culture exchange at different schools, going to a concert, and eating lots of amazing food. The children here at our village schools are so awesome, they can be shy but they warm up and have a blast. The kids all have this twinkle in their eyes that says something that you cannot explain.

Sundernagar has affected me is in such a great way, I feel like I can be myself because I feel that I am not getting judged all the time. I can sing, dance and have fun and these people think it’s awesome, because we are from America. There are no words that I could say that could explain my experience here.

Yesterday, I was actually able to wrestle in an Old fashion Indian wrestling tournament. There were about 2,000 spectators in a giant tent. (Men only) It was on a dirt floor. It was amazing; there were drums’, news cameras, cheering and a lot of fans.

It’s been the greatest experience here, I can’t explain it with the simplest words except amazing, a great experience, and that every one should do something like this.