This is my life. (Sierra Julie Myers)

Sierra DSCN0722

Today was simply amazing. Our red team is spoiled rotten.  The teachers at the school made us food out of mustard leaf that tasted like spinach and it was delicious.  Teaching today was hilarious because my voice sounded like a monkey’s butt.  We passed out scarves hats and hygiene kits today, and the kids were exuberant.  And FRACKING adorable.  At the Ashram we painted the kids doors and pillars, and they were extremely excited.  They wanted to help, but we didn’t want any paint wars.  We also passed out pictures in the photo books and when suleman didn’t get a picture of Kenna he started crying.  New Paragraph

Saying goodbye to the Ashram was horrifically horribly horrid.  I’m going to miss the little girls painting my nails every five minutes and getting bracelets from all the orphans.  I will probably miss ride that pony with the Ashram kids and staff.  Also playing catch with three kids at once was pretty dang SOI!.  I’m just thankful that I don’t have to say goodbye to the kids until tomorrow.

Shout outs to my teammates:  James, for being man enough to cry when we said goodbye.  Jesse, for an awesome photo-shoot with the cutest, Abu.  Amy, for never letting a smile leave her gorgeous face.  Ethan, for always being so chill and never strict with the kids, making all of the punks love him.  Made-line, for being amazingly happy and fun with the kids no matter how bad she herself may feel.  Lauren, for never being afraid to get us to work, while always being the caring mother that she is.  Lastly, Kenna, for making Lauren want to puke, but also being my kindred spirit.

Also big shout-out to my Dope as frack cousin for typing up this blog for me.  And Emily for actually reading this, and parents for being supportive, and Black diamond and Nick Knack for shaving.