Third Time's The Charm - Brayden Forbes

Brayden Today was a magical day for two reasons: first, I was finally able to eat the world’s best street tacos in downtown Chamba; they are unreal.  Second, we got to meet all the mountain girls this afternoon.  They are adorable, and I am pumped to teach them for the next few days.

It has been a different trip this third time around.  Chamba hasn’t changed, but our agenda sure has.  It has been thrilling to interact with and teach a new group of children.  The private school has been quite the contrast to teaching our sweet Temple orphans.  It is very apparent how big of a difference having a family, money, and education makes.  Those blessings of life give individuals opportunities.  After three years of being in this program, I have come to realize that the greatest thing a human being can be given, is the opportunity to progress in some form or fashion.   I am grateful YMAD is intricately involved in the lives of orphans and less fortunate, as we get to provide them with opportunities.  Opportunities to learn and grow, that they would not otherwise have.  It is an inspired program.

I’d like to thank everyone—family and friends—who have made this expedition possible for me.  I look forward to the next 10 days of India.

Much Love,