They call me Lintsey.

India is absolutely amazing! I'm so grateful for this amazing opportunity. I just want to first express my gratitude to all of the people that have made this possible. To all the leaders, who have spent countless hours planning and preparing, also to their families. To our translators, especially Kanta, they are so helpful and so sweet! To my team, (Ashleigh, Emma, Audrey, Austin, Chandler, Andrew and Daniel.) they are such great examples to me. They are all so good with the kids and it's so sweet to watch. Also to the drivers and cooks, they are the best! I also am grateful for everyone back home for the support (I love you all!)  The kids. Oh my heck. They are the cutest! We have about 50 kids. All of them are so bright and ready to learn. Nothing is better than when the kids faces light up when they understand something you've been trying to teach them, it's so rewarding. Today I was the team leader but we had an extra rotation so I just played games with the kiddos, pretty sure my legs are going to fall off from playing duck duck goose but i've never been happier. They love the games though, they go bonkers! It's so funny we play down by the banks and the kids call it hanky panky and sing along with the cutest Indian accents. We get in the biggest tickle fights ever. They hold my hands so I can't get them back and they all gang up on me. It's not even cool. There are a couple of the kids that have completely stolen my heart, they are so adorable. There are also some that are not (like the sweetheart that definitely ripped a chunk of my hair out today.) Anyways long story short I never want to leave, I'm kind of head over heels in love with India!

Love you all!

Lindsey Holmes