The wonderful experiences in Kullu.

After almost 2 months here in India there are 7 girls that are simply just amazing. Together we have experienced much joy. Every single one of the girls is very unique, and very admirable. Even though our work is at times very challenging, our time spent with the girls is always simply just awesome.

Yesterday was pujas birthday, so we decided to have a little party. This party was not just any party, it was a pizza party, filled with ice cream and cake. It was an amazing night, the girls even got to show of their dancing, and were even able to get me to dance. This birthday party was maybe a first for puja. Puja who just barely came into our facilities this week is very smart, and understands English very well. Getting her here was for sure not easy, and did not happen the way we expected it, but having her here is wonderful. After a very hard previous week in the office, we had been hoping that puja, would be able to join us, we had met with her guardian a few weeks prior, but had not been able to arrange for her to come to our facilities. Suddenly all of a sudden as I am walking down the stairs on a Monday morning, I see puja at the bottom of the stairs with her guardian. She had previously been staying at another facility where the living conditions were not as good. Her sister is here, and as matter of fact, her sister was the little firecracker that very much resembled the energizer bunny, nonstop battery life. It has been very nice to have puja, she has been of much help to her sister, and much help to the other girls. She is very happy to be with us. After the party, the girls rested, with a great night of sleep. Unfortunately the next day begun with some sad and tragic news.

Nefi A.