The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round and Up and Down - Jeff Lunt


First thing off the plane we went and loaded the bags on the carts.  We had them all so thank heavens.  Then we loaded them on the bus and boarded up the bus.  We were finally on the last mode of transportation to our final destination, Baruipur.  The first thing to know about the buses/roads in India is that they are not smooth.  It was so much fun riding the bus singing to music and bouncing around driving through the crazy streets of India.  Driving here is like a constant game of chicken with the drivers. The two cars head straight at each other and at the last second swerve out of the way.  There’s never a dull moment.  Also the dogs don’t move for anything so we just run them over.  But they sort of avoid the wheels and so they don’t get hit just run over.  Driving down the road on the way to Nishtha was an eye-opening experience for me and the rest of us I’m sure.  We drove past some of the most run down (if you can even call them this) shacks and houses.  We arrived at like midnight so there wasn’t too many people out and about but the few that we saw were just closing up their tiny shops along the side of the road.  I am so excited to finally be in India and I’m totally looking forward to going the day boarding school and meeting the kids.


-Jeffrey Lunt