The Timeless Paradox - Dylan Gillette

I am so sad for our time in Chamba and at the schools to come to an end. We actually only have one more day of teaching in the schools left, which is really sad. It is truly indescribable what I have learned and experienced here in India. Today I had a unique opportunity to work on our school children's ears. Many of the children’s ears are either completely blocked of ear wax or badly infected. Our Doctor Spencer did a check-up on all of the Children and over half of the children had blocked or infected ears. Many of them have very bad hearing or are in pain because of this. So, today Sarah Sloan and I dropped a chemical in these children’s ears to unblock and disinfect them, and then washed them out. After being administered to, the children covered their ears because everything was so loud for them. It could easily have been years since they have heard anything normally. It makes me so sad that they had to endure that kind of hearing for so long, but I am glad to be able to be the one to fix it. I love my group teaching at the schools, each one of them possesses amazing skills. In my group is Jamison, Kristen, Angela, Sandon, Lauren, and Sarah. Today, we ran into a situation where we had to find something for all 57 kids to do for a couple of hours, and the kids had a lot of energy. But, my group handled it perfectly, they are all so genuine and loving. I am grateful to be working with them. As sad as it is to leave Chamba, I am also very excited to see the rest of India, and encounter new experiences. I really wish this trip would never end, Robert and Allison have made it so enjoyable. They are amazing.