The Ten Best Things That Have Happened in India So Far: Clark

- Phebe came to do medical exams on the kids in our school, Kandi today. Three kids decided they didn't want to have them done, and so they ran away from the school… which is actually acceptable for Indian kids. As other exams are going on, I look over, and they are on  a complete different mountain running away. "Jagdish! Door Singh! Chaman Lal! You can't run away from your problems!" I yelled. Don't worry, they came back. - I will never ever be afraid of driving anywhere in the United States again. Driving in India is insanity. Insanity. People on top of buses, people hanging off buses, buses hanging off cliffs… driving down to Banjar, our driver had a sticker over the speedometer.

- Tobacco lines the streets of Chandigarh. I saw my first ever field of pot.

-The looks we get here are priceless. The people are surprised, but in a  good way. They always wave, and even through in a "Namaste" sometimes.

- The Himalayas are huge and breathtaking. It is so green, and the waterfall we visited was amazing. I will miss it so much.

-"AMILY! DIDI, I LOVE YOU!" Dinesh shouts at me. Out school is amazing to say the least. We have twenty-four gorgeous kids, and I adore them all. They grab for our hands on all of the walks, and all want hugs every two seconds. Didi, means sister in Hindi by the way.

- J Nash's sasquatch siting. It was really a lady with grass on her back and a cow mooing in the background, but his reaction was priceless.

- They do have Mcdonald's in India, but there are no hamburgers. And Indian food is pretty dece if I do say so myself.

-I have over 100 selfies of a Anil on my camera. He is way too smart for his own good, and always tries to take it.

- These kids are fearless when it comes to heights and jumping. I saw Jagdish launch himself off  a cliff after the soccer ball. He was fine, but at the time, I thought he died.

These ten things can't even begin to amount to all that I have experienced, but I have done my best with videos and photos… Love you guys!

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