The Team Has Arrived!

After lots of travel our YMAD team has arrived safely Sunday afternoon in Jibhi. While in transit they were able to see San Francisco and take a city tour of Singapore by bus. When the team arrived in New Delhi it was late at night.  All the bags were loaded on a truck and sent up to Himachal Pradesh ahead of the group.  A few hours of rest and a shower were available before fling the next morning to Kulu.  Kingfisher Airlines was delayed for three hours, not uncommon in this part of the world. Everyone is in good health and excited to start their projects. Kelly Jensen described Jibhi camp as Shangri La.  Everyone is settled now in either rooms or tent accommodations.  The wall tents with hot water and carpets were the hot item. The internet will be set up by this evening and we should be able to start hearing from the teans and see images.  Feel free to post comments on the blog as we start to hear from our teens.