The Summit

Austin Allen

The unavoidable consequence of procrastination is that all the information I have gathered from this past week cannot be recorded in one go. That doesn’t matter though, the past few days in the Kalsuin school has by far been the summit of my experience thus far.

Not surprisingly, all the little boys love me. I have been around little children and these kids are no different… except I can’t talk to them. I want to be here to play and teach these kids and I can tell the children feel the same by the way they use their hands and try to speak English to communicate back to me. I haven’t had little kids try so hard for my understanding before. It will be difficult to leave them, especially my select buddies who are always on my shoulders.

The food here is simple. Rice, tortilla things, fries, and chicken. Every day, all I can eat. I have a feeling this is what the MTC will be like, and unlike everybody else’s disapproval, I’m looking forward to the food.