The Stars on the Mountains (Sierra M.)

Love is an under exaggeration to how much passion and heart that I feel for this place.  The view from our home at night looks like there are stars on the mountains, but they are simply homes and temples resting on the steep, high mountainsides.  It is amazing, but that is so insignificant to the ecstasy of joy I feel everyday of my now seemingly normal life. I am so used to this life that when somebody mentions home, its weird to think about. The children that I have the amazing opportunity to teach are so inspiring, and heart warming. They love to paint our nails, and they are still learning if that tells you anything about their skills. They love to be picked up and span around! The boys say things to us girls and run away and giggle! Today, we did the eye exams, and I am so thankful that their eyesight is not too shabby at all! Frodo, the twilight hunter, and the long lost orphan, (aka jesse, james and ethan) are so cute with the kids by playing games and letting the girls paint their nails. Frodo cleaned all the kids ears today because the doctor (Spencer James Hardenbrook) found a dead fly in Rafi’s ear. Amy is so funny and all the girls adorable! Kenna is so sweet and always is comforting but in her crazy Kenna way! Madeline Whetten has the cutest laugh that the orphans swoon to! Lauren Bowie leads our amazing pack with organization, humor, and responsibility. I am an orphan dream killer because we had balloons which created chaos, and I had to pop the balloons. In less than one minute I single handedly made at least 3 orphans cry…. Our translator Rajni is so spectacular and caring and took us to a temple which was amazing; the coolest part of the ceremony was walking out of the temple backwards hahah! I have been blessed by not getting sick! Thanks for reading the blog and commenting Mother! I love you! Party hard mother chickens!