The Sounds of Jibhi

The constant rushing of Jibhi River flowing past the tents, duplexes and Guest House of Jibhi Camp Front loaders and back hoes working above Camp on the road to Thanah, Mihar and Kandi Schools--all day!

Early morning chirps, tweets, pews & caws in the majestic pines--black heads w orange eyeliner and yellow socks, indigo magpies, shiny black ravens, little gray & tans, and a gorgeous brilliant red little guy at the Balu Temple this afternoon

Perudo dice shaking in cups and spilling onto the wooden tables in the Dining Pavilion

Choked sputters & Vrooms of white SUVs, black & red motorcycles, and green buses

Beeps and honks of everything with wheels (see Blake’s earlier blog!)

Drums and horns of musicians parading up & down the trails & streets for campaigns on Monday, the funeral procession on Friday, and any other random reason! Haha--just as I’m finishing this blog, a group passed right down our street (picture below). A couple of large horns and several drummers, with a man carrying a flower-covered structure that men along the street would approach and touch gently. Nandini said they are returning their god (the flower-covered figure) from Saturday’s festival to the Balu Temple. The men were paying their respects to the god, and hoping for blessings.

The creaking door of the cooks’ corrugated tin shed

Little voices chanting “Om” and singing, as their little feet march during Village School morning prayer

“Picture? Picture? Just one? Pa-LEEEEASE!?” as little hands grab for your camera

“How are you?” “I am fine, Thank you”--the English conversation you can have with every single India native!

Kaleb’s and Andrew’s “accidents” ;)

We see lots of dogs and cows everywhere, but don’t usually hear their barks and moos, until our quiet time reading Parent Letters at the Balu Temple was abruptly interrupted with 2 long LOUD “Moo”s

But the BEST sound of Jibhi is all the excited voices of our Shaanti Team passionately sharing stories, over the dinner table or at the campfire, about their favorite kids and all their unforgettable experiences teaching in the Village Schools. That’s what makes this year of preparation worth it for me!!

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