The Prodigal Children

When I think about the future, i’m scared for what is to come.  People are untrustworthy and make me cautious about what I leave unattended.  Children are no better, but at least you know that they will take whatever they see.  Except kids are devilish, but at the same time they are full of love for everything they have.  This week has been a very exciting and surprising one.  Everything that I expected India to be, has turned out to be crazy, gross, and filled with beautiful wonders.  I can honestly say that by having this experience with these kids has been life changing, and will shape how I act around other children for the rest of my life.  I now understand how excited these kids get when we come around, and they put on their best to show us how much they are truly interested and grateful of the work we are doing here for them.  Its been a week since i’ve been home, and I miss it and all its comforts.  But i’m grateful for being away to give myself a new perspective on things, and know to be happy for everything I have been given.  We don’t leave for another week, and i’m dreading the day when we need to start heading home home.  I will miss everything here, and the people i’ve met.  The generosity of the people helping us is outstanding, and not many of people could have done so with so great of vigor and integrity.  Inspiration is around every corner, from the desire and effort of a hard working man, to the charity of the well-off wealthy citizen.  If anything is to be said about this trip, is I believe firmly if you have the ability to attend and participate in this adventure, you will benefit from it thoroughly.  Since the leaders we have are so amazing, and the compassion and friendship of all those around us are so unsurmountable, everything that could be made from this trip has been done. To those at home who I have a special place in heart, I am happy, healthy, and still hilarious!  Don’t worry, i’ll be home in no time and once again be there to brighten your days with my atmosphere of awesome.  Honestly, I miss you so much, but if I had a choice I would never take back the time I have put into this expedition.  So many memories and experiences I have to share with you, and i’m sure i’ll be repeating them at least a dozen times!

To end, a quote by: anonymous.... (A.K.A. me!) “Love when expressed through actions, is contagious.  A sickness that warms hearts, brightens people’s day, and brings joy and new meaning to life.  Once felt, don’t hesitate to spread it to others, because no one ever knows who is waiting to be the next victim.  The purest form, is charity, and no matter who you are, you need some”.

Love you all!!!

Your friend, Austin Bunkall

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