The Power of Goodbye (Samey)

samye blog photo Saying goodbye to thirty boys who live without families today for the last time was unfair to say the least, but it made me realize something about saying goodbye. I think that “goodbye” gets a bad rep and that people associate heartbreak with the phrase, but saying goodbye forces the heart to make more room for new people and children to love.

Saying farewell to ones you love and care about is enough to make you want to hide under your covers and never wake up, but you realize and appreciate what you have.  Knowing that you may never get to see someone again forces your subconscious and your conscious to surface and agree on an emotion of being bittersweet. Bitter in the way that when it’s all said and done, reality has to do its job and remind you that you are saying farewell to something and/or someone you really care about and will miss. Sweet in the way that the heart is an incredible organ that doesn’t fail to surprise you because just when you think that your heart is consumed by one thing, room is made for more. And goodbye forces release of subjects that are due for a goodbye and lets new subjects in.

I am not downplaying how difficult it was to tell the boys that they will not see us tomorrow, or the next day, but only in the future; it gave my heart a plague seeing the boys cry and saying that they will miss me. I have come to know these boys on such a different level. The language barrier is still prevelant, as it is with my school kids, but by communicating through the universal language of high-fives, laughing, and smiling I have fallen head over heals for these boys in such different and personal ways.

Goodbye is God’s way of giving us a wakeup call and I live to believe that letting something go always has the right timing, and though it may not seem right considering we have only known these boys for a week, the legacy we have left behind us will forever live in the hearts of these boys. And the legacy and smiles of these boys with forever live in my heart. So, I owe a thank-you to “goodbye.” Although people become offended by your presence, I will invite you warmly because you seem to know what you’re doing.

“Nobody said it was easy; it’s such a shame for us to part. Nobody said it was easy; nobody said it would be this hard. Oh, take me back to the start.” –Coldplay

To all my loved ones, I will see you soon. And to all those that I have said goodbye to, I will never forget you and will someone see you soon.

Goodnight, good morning, fer milenge, I love you.

With love and thanks,