The Package Has Arrived!

I just hung up the telephone with a call from India letting me know the package has arrived!  Some may be skeptical about miracles but not me.  I have witnessed first hand the events of the past five days and can't deny that some one is watching over YMAD. Sam Skidmore arrived safely in Kolkata and was met by Jane and Jeff Cobabe.  Members of the team have  no idea that he is coming and will be surprised in the morning when he meets them at breakfast!  In speaking with Sam he said the flight to India went with out a hitch.  He had a long layover in Singapore and chatted with his mom on Facebook.

When I called Lesley Skidmore to let her know that Sam arrived safely she was relieved after spending the past 48 hours sitting on pins and needles.  When the stars align miracles happen!  Lots of people have been party to this one.  Sam's immediate family  displayed an unusual amount of faith that things would work out. When events leading to this outcome actually started coming together the family took a larger leap of faith and didn't hesitate to do what was needed to get  Sam on a flight in less than five hours.  Our travel agent Christine Kao in San Francisco made a flight apear that we couldn't  find and then offer her assistance to get Sams visa from the Indian Consulate into Sam's hands on Monday just before his flight  left for Inda.  For some reason the Indian Consulate released Sam's Visa differently than is normal procedure.  Finally hundreds of prayers offered in Sam's behalf  have been answered.  Things don't always turn out like we would like, however in this case, I believe there is a reason for Sam to be in India. I will always remember the Thanksgiving of 2012 because of the gratitude I feel to have witnessed the events of this week!

More blogs will be posted later tonight from Team Shakti.  They had another amazing day working in the rural villages and in the Main Day Boarding School.  The new born training classes started today with 17 rural midwives attending.  Jane Cobabe said "the day was awesome"!

I wish you all the Best for Thanksgiving. We have a lot to be grateful for as the YMAD adventure continues!