The NEVERS of India by Katie Thacker

1. I never want to ride on airplane again. Too bad I have to do it next week. (I did find out that Tylenol PM is a life-saver on planes as well as a comfy shoulder).
2. I NEVER want to be the one who does not sit by the window when you drive through India-it is so amazing here.
3. Please NEVER make me eat airplane food again. While on the subject you should just ease your way into India food. You will get clogged up to your throat.
4. Please NEVER make me pack so much…(MOM!)
5. I have NEVER cried so much.
6. I NEVER stop smiling.
7. The Himalayas NEVER cease to amaze me.
8. A good bucket bath NEVER goes out of style.
9. Translators are NEVER not handy.
10. I NEVER want to say “good bye.”