The Mountains are Phenomenal! by Tyler Bird

I hope I never have to see another air plane for as long as I live…  Actually, the ride here wasn’t that bad.  I managed to get some sleep on those accursed metal birds so I guess I can’t complain.  I’m just lucky to be here. The difference in time is going to kill me.  My body feels like it stayed up all night, and technically it did.  The only time I didn’t sleep was on the car ride up to our camp.  I’ve never feared for my life so much.  There are zero speed limit signs and you can forget about “right of way”.  This country must hand out driver’s licenses like candy.  Sheesh, and my friends think I’m a crazy driver.  I’m never complaining about Utah traffic ever again.

On the off chance that I was able to enjoy the scenery I say a myriad of wonderful things.  The mountains here are phenomenal.  The people are even more so.  I can’t wait to meet them.  They all look so happy when they’re not about to be run over by an oncoming truck.  I’m glad I decided to stay with this and come to this wonderful country.  I look forward to the adventures that await us. Here’s to two weeks in India!