The Miracle of Life - Mickey Rudolph

Sometimes, amazing things happen in India.  Sometimes, amazing things happen in India that I never wanted to see.  The other day, we were walking down the street on the way to the day-boarding school, when we came across a mother goat that had just given birth to a baby goat.  The mother was affectionately licking her new born infant, and my heart instantly melted away.  As I turned to leave, another baby goat decided he wanted to crawl out of the womb in front of my eyes.  My heart instantly re-solidified into cold stone.  I didn’t know baby goats came with egg yolk… and other unsightly birthing juices.  I wanted to turn and run, when I realized I was one of the first things that baby goat saw in this world, so I felt it was my duty to introduce it into the world.  I bent down, introduced myself, told him where he was, what he was, and why he was.  Then I proceeded to give him some practical advice:  Don’t touch diseased dogs, don’t get killed in the street by cars, and I’ll be at Nishtha if he needed any more advice.